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My Story My Ad Finalist

Doc’s Tea made the Top 10 in the Specialty Food Association’s ad campaign following the Fancy Food Show in New York City in June.

“Doc’s Tea is a handcrafted, small batch beverage brewed by big hearts. Behind the bottle is a family of dental health professionals dedicate to building a brand that shows their care and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. When we realized the benefits of the naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea leaf and the importance of a low sugar diet in a super sweet world, we had to share it. Our "ah-ha" moment was when we realize trying to go bigger isn't always better. By micro-brewing our tea we are able to ensure each bottle is crafted with the highest of integrity, quality and technique. You can’t be handcrafted without being hands on, and we hope to spread the love of our tea by continuing to be hands-on with our product from start to finish. From our family to yours, we promise only all natural and organic ingredients in each and every bottle.”