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Why Rooibos?

RooibosThere’s no tea as good for you as the red tea known as Rooibos. Rooibos, first discovered centuries ago, has long been known for its medicinal powers, and now its standing as a health powerhouse has been confirmed by modern research.

One of the reasons Rooibos is so beneficial: Its extremely high level of antioxidants helps keep your body strong by fighting free radicals in the bloodstream.

Many researchers point to Rooibos’ antioxidants as a way to protect against cancer, strengthen your immune system, and ease maladies ranging from insomnia to headaches to irritability.

With minerals such as manganese, fluoride and calcium, the tea also promotes bone growth and helps to keep teeth strong.

But wait, there’s more: The tea’s naturally sweet, nutty flavor offers another great reason to grab a bottle of Doc’s Tea now.